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Twice in the past few months i had been expecting a package delivered by fedex and they left a note saying they could not deliver package because they could not get in the building.Meanwhile they left the note saying this on my mailbox inside the building.Evidently the fedex delivery man was too lazy to take an elevator to the 12th floor where i live.I even called customer service the same day stating that i would be home all day and the delivery man should just not leave a note on mailbox saying he could not get in.To no avail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Oak Forest, Illinois, United States #925132

Yes. This seems to be standard practice for FedEx.

My belief is that they fraudulantly log delivery attempts and after an alleged 3 attempts, they will not make a 4th attempt unless the shipper pays for a re-shipment authorization.

It is a way they can make shippers pay twice for the same package. BTW, that 4th attempt is usually to a FedEx store somewhere and not your home, which is another upside for is logistically easier to deliver to their satellite stores.

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