I'll not bother with FedEx any more. USPS for me. The time spent standing in mutiple lines at my local FedEx was rediculous, but I let it go because sometimes that happens, right? Then the charges were absurd for regular ground delivery. Then it took exactly one WEEK to have an envelope delivered cross country. (For this I paid $9.00???) Then the package and the envelope were both left at the doorstep of an outside apartment until the resident came home hours later to see it.

I know they do as instructed, but if they cannot legally access the mailbox, then I'll use USPS and I know I'll get it delivered at a fraction of the cost, days quicker (!), and with the security of a mailbox.

I have no connection to any usps. I'm just saying my experience is always good with them so that's where I'm going from now on. Goodbye FedEx. Doesn't work well for me.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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