Was standing in the kitchen no more than 15ft. from the back door when I see the FedEx truck leaving this morning @ 8:45 am. 7/16/2014. I thought they might have just left the package on the steps and didn't bother to knock or ring the doorbell. But when I went outside to see what it was.... Nothing was there? Upon returning to the door was a FedEx sticker that said "Not available to sign for delivery?" More I thought about it...

Yes I was not a happy camper. I called the number on the sticker to start with. I think it sent me to India for the Lou-Lou chat of frustration. Well I don't speak Lou-Lou and I was venting my frustration she decided to switch me to a FedEx customer advocate Name of John. Well now let me tell you. John is your typical yes man. Hired to make you feel like your complaint is most important to him & the company. Do I haft to say it? Didn't think so.... Anyway I took the day off to be there for this delivery. John said he called the Macon GA. branch to ask what went wrong & they said the driver knocked & rang the doorbell. NOT SO! We have had this problem before & reported it. Anyone know what’s wrong with these UPS rejects? I wish more people would pick UPS for their shipper.


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Oak Forest, Illinois, United States #925146

Yes. This seems to be standard practice for FedEx.

My belief is that they fraudulently log delivery attempts and after an alleged 3 attempts, they will not make a 4th attempt unless the shipper pays for a re-shipment authorization.

It is a way they can make shippers pay twice for the same package. BTW, that 4th attempt is usually to a FedEx store somewhere and not your home, which is another upside for FedEx...it is logistically easier to deliver to their satellite stores.


Stop your *** and take your lazy *** to the store next time


I've had the same problem with UPS, though FedEx is definitely worse.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #841383

Somebody call this guy a waambulance.

to Anonymous San Mateo, California, United States #842115

Same exact thing happened to me today. Took the day off work, was right inside maybe 10 feet from the door waiting for a door knock / bell ring to get my package...

nothing... suddenly at 11:35 I got an e-mail update saying the driver posted a tag saying I was unavailble for delivery. This ninja snuck up to my door, put on a tag, and left. Never rang the doorbell never knocked on the door - zero chance i could have missed it so I don't want to hear any BS lies.

I called and called and they eventually patched me through to the local fedex branch where I filed a formal complain and they are going to discuss it with the driver tonight / tomorrow morning and call me back. We'll see if that happens.

Never had this problem with UPS. Fedex has totally lost my service if these drivers can't even do their job.

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