I ordered a about 30 books from Amazon for my kids for Christmas as well as some other items. The order was broken up into multiple shipments.

I received all the packages except for one. The only one that was shipped by FedEx, worth about 120$ It said it was delivered on Thursday to my door but I know that wasn't true. I was home all day, my kids were home with me in the afternoon plus my husband came home that evening. NO sign of the package.

I couldn't even get a person on the phone, I would be on hold then it would just hang up on me. Luckily, Amazon is reshipping the missing items for free and they should get here by Christmas.I asked if them to not use FedEx to ship them this time.

I hope Amazon doesn't take the loss for this because I know it was FedEx's fault. The five other packages from other shipping companies were delivered on time or early, but the one package shipped via FedEx turned up missing.

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