I generally prefer to receive large items via FedEx instead of UPS until today.I heard a delivery truck stop in front of my house, I was expecting a package weighing approximately 30 to 40 lbs.

While walking to the front door I could see, through my front door's sheer curtain, the delivery man carrying my package to the front porch, he stopped, dropped it from waist-high, watched it tumble to the front door and then he walked back to his truck. All the while I'm trying to unlock the front door to stop the driver. He sped off before I could stop him and check the contents of my package for damage. The behavior may have been an isolated case with that particular driver for FedEx Ground or maybe it's the new standard to compete with other delivery companies.

I now have a different opinion of the service provided by FedEx Ground.

Just a short time later today, I received another package via FedEx, this one was placed by the front door and the doorbell was rung.No complaint about that delivery person.

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