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Every time I get a Fed Ex delivery the driver parks his truck on my driveway causing extra cracks from the heavy load. I called the company and was told after waiting 10 minutes on hold that it was pretty too bad.

UPS delivers here and parks on the street adding probably an extra 20 feet to the journey to the door.

Fed Ex must have one lazy uncaring person working for them, next time they'll be a stern talking to, and if it gets physical they can blame the *** I spoke with! What's wrong with them?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Same experience. UPS parks in the street and Fedex backs up the driveway with their heavy trucks to deliver a small, light weight package.

New driveway. Dual wheeled axles.

Residential driveways are not designed for this much weight. Fedex delivery persons are simply LAZY and inconsiderate.

to AllanL Flemington, New Jersey, United States #1249465

I have the same experience in NJ

to AllanL #1406579

UPS is paid by the hour, FedEx ground are independent contractors being paid by the stop. FedEx Ground contractors do 40% more work on avg every day for less money.

They don't take breaks, they don't get paid vacations, sick days, health insurance etc...

calling them lazy is as offensive as it gets. I suggest you shop at a brick and mortar in the future - @$$

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