Truck #P12960 (on back of truck, could not see license plate - not a MI license plate) was going eastbound on Ecorse road in Taylor MI at @6:40 am 4/1/08. A school bus heading westbound on Ecorse was stopped with red flashers flashing picking up kids.

The truck never stopped. It was dark and raining this morning. Our law states you must stop. If I knew how to get the truck number to the proper authorities I would.

He/she needs to be ticketed and sent back to drivers ed.

I hope you do something about this. Thanks

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Tiverton, Rhode Island, United States #18639

Yes I hate those drivers too! They give the company a bad name for all those FEDEX drivers who respect all the laws....

The FEDEX trucks always have a truck number on the sides of the truck next to driver and passenger doors with a 3 letter identifier.

You can also call the 1-800 number and ask for the local office and they should be ablel to track what driver delivers in the block ...there are only a couple of trks that are in certain areas.

Wister, Oklahoma, United States #7775

ugh! i had a truck speed through a school zone doing at least 35 this morning in a school zone that always has kids zooming back n forth across the street! where do i report him?

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