How long does it take Tulsa Fedex ground to redirect a package to a Fedex Kinko's in Tulsa? Well, apparently 3 days!! They just kept scanning it....and I kept getting the "at fedex facility" message on the tracking. Really poor effort on their part. Never again will I have anyone send me fedex ground....nor will I use them. UPS for me. Hopefully I'll get to pick up my pacakage on Monday......2 and a half weeks after it was shipped to me.

Not only am I peeved about the whole package thing, but I had to call fedex 3 times to figure out what was going on. One of those times, I was placed on hold for 15 minutes(while they called the Tulsa facility), only to be disconnected....to which I had to call back and tell the next unfortunate Fedex representative what the issue was.

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Miami, Florida, United States #647702

Yes FedEx Ground is extremely slow compared to UPS. It takes FedEx 6-7 days to deliver a package that UPS delivers in 2 days.

Their tracking shows just how slow they are, it takes them 24 hours to travel across one state and packages spend hours at FedEx ports. I would never use FedEX...


ok so im guessing you received your package on monday so sunday-do you ever see a postal or ups on sunday no so what makes you think it will be there so of course its @ the facility of so next we have sat. for ups or fed ex try sending something with a sat delivery #1 you will pay extra & it will not be going ground.

of so know we have friday im going this would be the day were the facility finds the package before it is reloaded on a truck so that they can put a new label on it with all the others that wanted there package re-addressed.

because you didnt have the right address for the shipper to begin with. and so if you did call on thurs your package was most likely on the delivery truck when you called it in so nothing would happen till the next buss day anyways so take the pole out of your *** and relaize that there are more packages that they deal with and think regular buss day you know mon thru fri.

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