Last December I ordered a fan motor for my wood-burning stove. It was shipped Fed Ex on Dec.

16 and was supposedly delivered to my home on Dec. 19. I never actually got the package and assumed that the high volume of holiday shipping delayed its delivery. Finally after New years i contacted the shipper, got the Fed Ex tracking # and called to see what happened.

I was told it had been delivered to our front doorstep on Saturday, Dec. 19. My wife and three kids were home all day that day, and she was feeling ill, so she spent the day on the couch next to our front door. She never heard a knock, or doorbell ring, and no package was seen.

Fed Ex investigators insisted that it had been delivered, so I assumed it had been stolen by the creeps that follow Fed Ex trucks around. If the Fed Ex driver had only knocked on our door this would not have happened !!!

After a week of calling Fed Ex to get compensation for me or the shipper, I felt like I was getting a run-around. Every time I spoke to Fed Ex, I got a different story.

Finally someone told me to contact the shipper and have him file a claim. I contacted the shipper and asked if he was going to ship me a new item. He said he would, but that Fed Ex had been giving him a run-around too, and he was tired of dealing with them so he would just swallow the cost of the lost item and re-ship it. Four business days later, when it had not arrived I used the tracking number and called Fed Ex.

I was told it had been delivered on my doorstep at 2:28 PM the previous day.

I was furious because on that day, my wife, who works at home at a table with a full view of our front yard and street, and was expecting the Fed Ex delivery, had heard the Fed Ex truck coming and saw it pass by our house at about 2:30 PM. It did not stop, but continued to the end of our street (a dead end), turned around, and returned past our house without ever stopping. Now I am thinking that the Fed Ex driver lied about the delivery, and possibly even lied about the first missing delivery.

Fed Ex says their new case investigation will take up to 48 hours. Their last case investigation took several days and concluded that the package had been delivered to me.

Meanwhile it is cold, I am without a blower for my wood stove, and I wonder what kind of *** I will be told when the Fed Ex investigation is completed?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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