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I have been waiting a couple weeks for my firearm to ship when just yesterday you said it was delivered and now you say that you are unable to locate the recipient if you need help it is in Peoria, Arizona on 67th Avenue and Greenway Road look it up the name of the place that you are supposed to ship it to is called Arrow Security no one should have to wait this long for a 336 dollar order you should really do something about the way you conduct your business or just shut down all together because this is complete garbage

Monetary Loss: $336.

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First off, FedEx Kinkos/Office is not responsible for the shipping of your firearm. If shipping a firearm, you or recipient must be a dealer...and the recipient is required to sign for it.

Perhaps the business wasn't open? Or the label isn't legible?

When it's shipped, you get a tracking number, why would you wait a couple of weeks to try tracking it down. You obviously have no idea how big companies run or what they have to do to get you a single package.

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