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I went into Kinkos Aurora Village store in Shoreline yesterday. Their new "Self Service" machines can't recognize 11 X 17 files, can't select multiple files, and aren't even well known by staff.

After about 4-5 failed attempts and 2 staff members helping, I finally got the 40 sheets double sided printed I need. Price for JUST 40 11X17" sheets of paper that were so thin you could read the other side's printing through them and one self-service lamination job - $161.++. That is absolutely insane. That is $4.00 a page, and it took me about 2 hours to get it done due to their poorly designed equipment.

I tried to write to them just now but their e-mail us web form won't work.

Probably designed by the same people that designed the self-serve machine kiosks.



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Amarillo, Texas, United States #580102

I love customers who complain about printing and finishing prices. We charge the prices we do because most of us are qualified individuals who have been in the printing business for years.

We give the customer efficiency by us doing the job for them.

We provide you with a service so you don't have to do it yourself and/or ruin our equipment.

to Print production manager #612428

If you actually read the post, part of the complaint was that they really weren't all that helpful and that should not have taken 2 hours or cost $4/page.

Oh, was that the point? The name?

I have to agree with you, Bill S. Credibility does not come from ACTING like you know what you are talking about, it comes from KNOWING what you are talking about. That is why I much prefer being classified as a "smart ***" than a "dumb ***" (though I detest the perversion of the word "dumb" to mean lacking intelligence).

If you end up being classified as an ***, you surely want to be known as an intelligent one. :)

Kyle, in some parts of the country it is still called FedEx Kinko, so maybe you should know what you're talking about.


Kyle, in some parts of the country it is still called FedEx Kinko, so maybe you should know what you're talking about.

I'm not sure if you meant that comment to me or to one of the previous commenters, or if it was a suggestion for improvement or compliment for clarification already made to one of us, but I'm sure nobody can argue with the logic. It would make a dang good fortune cookie as well. 8)

FedEx Office. your comments become more credible when you act like you know what you're talking about.


That is a high price for 40 sheets, but the lamination on that size would be expensive. FedEx Office is not the only company that releases an idea before being fully tested.

It is frustrating as a customer to not get the basic needs, but it's not easy as the worker either. If I'm having trouble, I make them print it.

Those machines also have file size issues. At my local store, majority of the people just go to the back counter to print off the usb.


To anan626, you must be another employee of Kinko's. Am I wrong?

I have done a fair amount of business with Kinko's before and even outsourced some of the labor-intensive projects I didn't have staff to fulfill in the print shop I managed. Unfortunately I trusted they hadn't gone over the deep end when I chose them over Office Depot. Due to the nature of what I needed printed and the hour it was I didn't have any option to change vendors after I made the decision. None the less, if someone with a gas station sells regular for $10 a gallon, that is a crazy high price whether or not they post the price in big numbers or not.

There still may be people who due to circumstances have no choice but to buy gas there. I didn't say I was deceived, I said their prices were way to high. Nobody seems to argue with that fact. Secondly, why are you "blaming" me for blaming the employees?

When did I do that? I work a lot in quality management and am able to separate poor service from a bad system. The people working there didn't enjoy making mistakes and wasting their time trying to do things that didn't work any more than I enjoyed watching them do it. Not unlike "customer" before you I fear your zeal is clouding your fair judgement.

You say I lack understanding and need to be more observant and yet you weren't even there. In any service industry (and I work in one) it is not the customer's job to put up with poor quality and the providers freedom to provide a second rate product.

In fact, if a company chooses to charge $4 a sheet, I think they have a greater responsibility to provide a quality of service that is commensurate with their price. As to where we all live, I don't remember questioning that either.


"Customer," you speak boldly about that which you have no knowledge. Perhaps you should ask questions before you draw conclusions.

First, after 2 hours waiting and closing time minutes away, one of the people asked me to wait, took the file and went in the back corner and printed them without asking me what paper I wanted it on. I was out of time, not given a choice, and not there. Second, I didn't "go off," even when I had to wait in line for help multiple times. I was fully courteous, as were the people working there.

Next, I put together and managed a print shop (duplicating & ink services) for a major company for 5 years in the not-to-distant past so I know about what Kinko's is paying for paper and per click charges so I am quite qualified to say $4 a sheet is a terrible price. Next, I came with my laptop equipped with Adobe CS5 and I combined both files into 1 but the machines can't accept those either. Finally, it shouldn't be up to the customers to "work the bugs out" of new systems, especially with a company the size of Kinko's. That is why companies beta test.

Surely someone designing the system could figure out the combinations of files someone would want to print. 2-sided tabloid color from a pdf file is not rare. Finally, nobody can design a program the first time around without any problems, but if they value their customers and staff they will work on it until the product is acceptable rather than afflict their customers and staff with something untried. You obviously have some sense of personal ownership or stake in Kinkos.

I suggest you use that zeal to strive for perfection instead of arguing with customers who point out areas where they can improve. You can't fix what you can't admit is a need, and every one of my contentions is true. $161 is way to expensive for 40 sheets, machines shouldn't give self-service customers instructions on how to do what they can't do, employees shouldn't be thrown into a position of supporting what they haven't been trained in, and 2 hours is too long to get 40 copies.

That is poor customer service. And on a personal note, being a team player is a great thing but don't ever let it blur your ability to see the truth or you will end up a man or woman lacking good judgement and integrity.


Pricing is posted on each machine. Lamination at that size is 3.99/sheet in this area.

The paper used in the machines is a standard 20 or 24 lb. paper, just like you buy for home printers. If you want a heavier paper, you can get it. Just pay for the difference in price.

You have options, but you choose to go off on a business you clearly dont know much about. And if those machines are like the ones here, they are new. Learning new machines take time. And as for the file selecting, no you can't pick more than one file at a time.

Don't like that? Then how about you combine your files before you come to print.

The whole USB drive printing is a new concept and will have bugs until it can get worked out. I'd like to see you design a program the first time around without any problems.


Did you even look and check what the prices were before you started printing. And besides that, sometimes it takes awhile to become fully familiar with the machines, so dont go blaming the employees as well.

Try to be a bit more understanding and be more observant and maybe your problems wont seem as bad. We all live in the same world dude.

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