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I work at night, in fact I used to work at Kinko's (the same FedEx Office I went to), so I know how things are supposed to run at FedEx Office. It's too bad that the two rude night guys don't. They were rude beyond belief and clearly didn't get enough training.

I went in to use the self-serve color copier, I made sure I had the right formatting for my files. In fact, I made jpegs and pdfs just in case one didn't work. I was told by the employee that I had the wrong file format and the copier wouldn't support it. So, after I showed the employee where it says ON THE COPIER what file formats are supported (jpegs and pdfs were listed) he just shrugged and said he didn't know why my files wouldn't print.

While I was left in self serve to figure it out for myself the two employees hung out as far in back of the print area as they could so they could continue their conversation. They were not working. No copiers were running. It was 3 a.m. and I was the only customer in the store and they were both clearly annoyed that I was still there trying to get them to do their jobs. They were so rude I finally left. I wish I could say this was my only bad experience at this location, but it was my third.

I went to this location because it was open 24 hours, it wasn't close to my house, I made the trip for nothing and left dissatisfied and angry.

The next day I went to a location closer to my house but only open during the day. Two people helped me and eventually figured out that the little self serve color copiers couldn't handle my large file size (not my formatting) and they had to be done in full service. I didn't mind and they were very nice, but I will never go back to the other location.

Thanks to two horrible experiences I won't be going back, next time I'm going to try Staples.

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