According to your records, my shipment was declared as "2 SHIRTS (1) BLACK (1) BLUE


JEWEL) BRIDGE HAT", weight 0.5 kg and value declared USD 110.00. Please be informed that

the customs had decided to determine the HS Code (Customs Tariff) into 6109.90.9000 with 15%

Import duty, thus final duty and tax of the shipment is IDR 457,000. Please find the duty and tax

breakdown attached for your reference.

Handling Charges: Handling fee is paid for customs clearance service to the

authorized Customs Clearance Service of FedEx. Handling fee is

excluded from duties and taxes. Rp 100.000 ( $ 11.09 )

Advance Fee: Since the shipment processed under PIBT whereas our Customs

Clearance Service pays all clearance charges in advance, thus

the customs clearance service applied advance fee 2 % from

total duties and taxes / minimum charge Rp 50.000 ( $ 5.55 )

VAT 10 %: VAT 10 % is value added taxes which being taken from total

advance fee and handling fee. Rp 15.000 ( $ 1.67 )

Bank Administration Fee (IDR 50,000): ( $ 5.55 )

This Fee is charged by the Bank appointed by ID Customs.

Admin Charge: This charge is IDR 50.000 ( $ 5.55 ) to support the administrative pre clearance

activities and only applicable for shipment with duty

Are all the cost necessary to charge to consumer ?

Are the amounts make any sense ?

On my reckon, the goodies value for $110 and I've been charge for $ 50.67 is not make any sense

Why should I pay almost half of the goodies value ?

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Same here, my first and definitely last fuckdex


I backed something from Kickstarter, It was declared as reward, and non retail nor commercial product declared value $100

FEDEX / RPX INDONESIA charged me $50 at first, it was quite alot 50% of the declared value. I transfered the payment to their bank account understanding these are the amount of custom fee and their brokerage fee.

Then I heard nothing from them. They finally notify me after I inquired it, it turned out that my kickstarter reward went through red line in custom, they said it will take around 3 days to a week for the result. They then adjust the invoice based on the product they saw on EBAY--disregarding the letter declaring that this package is a kickstarter REWARD and decide the value of my kickstarter reward is $350. As if I bought it from Ebay.

Yes they charged me all these above,

handling fee,

import fee,

warehouse fee, Bank fee and all these fees add up to $220 in addition to tax duties.

I have checked FEDEX Indonesia and RPX logistic website for any information regarding terms of condition for custom clearance brokerage. NOT FOUND. So no reference on what the precedures and is all this ridiculous charges are for. Either I pay or not pay they rip me off already.

SO yes don't ever use FEDEX for anything delivered from abroad TO Indonesia. FEDEX / RPX INDONESIA has a very fantastically profitable business model: They sell the stuff they were paid to deliver to the people they suppose to deliver it.


"I have written you and called 4 times your office in Jakarta and still no response! You were to email me a form for import.

Your office in Ubud Bali is always closed, and you don't answer the phone.

At this juncture I want ALL MY MONEY RETURNED THAT I HAVE GIVEN YOU FOR THIS NON-Service, plus the insured value of my used handphone . If I don't hear back for you TODAY I will post my complaint along with all the other complaints about FedX on the internet."


Take it up with your government. You shipped FedEx instead of your a post office so you get to pay the brokerage charge for it.

You can buy a bowling ball for a dollar, but you can not ship one for a dollar.

When buying something from outside your country, always use a postal service. NOT Fedex or UPS, or DHL.


Shipped package from china to surabaya

The FEDEX tracking notification said that the package has arrive to surabaya, i waited for 2 days and there is no notification so i called the customer service.

The toll free number doesn't work, then i called FEDEX main office in my city (surabaya) - no one answer - so i called FEDEX Jakarta customer service, he said "oh the package already arrived to surabaya, pls call FEDEX surabaya main office", and he gave me another different number, then i call... Someone picked up and said "oh, this is the number of finance department, u can contact the other number (first FEDEX Surabaya's number i called) or Jakarta's office number, this is the phone number"

Then i called FEDEX Jakarta again ( the number that given from her), and she said " oh, that was and international shipping, this is the domestic shipping department, pls call this number (the first FEDEX Jakarta CS number )"

I was thinking OMG, they ping pong me.

After that, Finally the FEDEX CS gave an answer, that the package is still in clearance delay because they doesn't believe the declared invoice, so i must pay the custom taxes fee which is IDR 307,000,- and said if i agree to pay, they will release the package.

And i said OK. After waiting for several days, i called again the FEDEX Jakarta's CS, he said that i must pay IDR 348,000 something. He said that there is extra charge because my package was staying at their warehouse more than 3 days!!

then i complain why FEDEX didn't inform me when they know about the delay, they CS said "ummmm, errrrrr,,ummmmm" so stupidd action!!!!! I will never use FEDEX EVER !!!


I have the same unpleasant experience today from FEDEX ridiculous charge.

item value was USD 110, weight 0.6 Kg, while somewhat accept the government tax and their bla bla bla charges, but one thing that *** me off is the unexplainable handling local charge of such item of IDR 250,000, while it only cost me IDR 114,000 to have it sent from Germany to Indonesia with an airplane.

For sure it is not in any way propotional to the weight and dimension of the packet. Are they delivering locally door to door with Jets ?


I have the same experience. I buy 2 blueray disc from Hong Kong.

this is the value of the goods:

CONVERSION : USD 109.65 X RP 8,967.00 = RP 983,232

then here is the taxes:

Import Duty: 15% X 983,232 = 148,000

Value Added Tax: 10% X (983,232+148,000) = 114,000

Tax on Importation: 15% X (983,232+148,000) = 170,000

total tax are Rp 432,000 (USD 48,18)

than here is the ridiculous Fedex Charge:

Advance Fee (2% X Duty Tax) = 50,000

Admin Charge = 50,000

Handling Charge 250,000 ---> MOST RIDICULOUS CHARGE

VAT 10% from Total Charge = 35,000

Bank Charge = 50,000

total Fedex charge is 435,000 !!!

wayyyyyyy bigger than Indonesian government taxes..

this is my first and will be my last transaction with Fedex Indonesia !!!


I just got item delivered from Hangzou, it surprised me knowing that I need to pay additional charge of around IDR 352,000 or eqv. to USD 40.

The charge consists of:

Duty Tax IDR 137,000 or USD 16

Handling Fee IDR 100,000 or USD 11

Admin. Fee IDR 50,000 or USD 6

VAT 10% IDR 15,000 or USD 2

Bank Charge IDR 50,000 or USD 6

I was wondering if we should pay handling + admin fee and tax over the handling and admin fee and bank charge. it made up a total of 42% of the value of the goods.

Are the charge for the handling fee, admin and bank charge + 10% VAT applicable at fixed rate for any kind of goods? My opinion these charges are TOO expensive!!!


I do have the same complaint about a package sent to Ecuador. First they claimed it was a commercial packd and when I sent an explaination they said it was due to overweight therefore needing 170.00 dls to release packd I sent 3 previous packg weighting more than this one.

Contents value estimated at 300.00dls. They just keep making up stories to get more money.

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