I received call whilst at work around 3.50 from someone from Fedex as they were

outside my house. They had attempted to deliver to neighbours but said

no one was in. When I came home I spoke via web chat to Sarah at

approximately 17.15 as I could not get through to the depot on the

phone. I was with Sarah for around 15-20 minutes trying to arrange

redelivery. Finally, it was left that my goods would be redelivered

today and that I would receive a phone call once the driver knew an

approximate time he would be here. I asked a neighbour if she would

take the goods in and said I would call her when I had heard from your

company. I left work earlier and arrived home at 16.20, as there was

no card, I went to my neighbour to let her know I was now home.

I have just come off of another live chat with Sarbjit to be told that

the driver arrived here at 14.15 or thereabouts and left a card. Well

he did not. Neither did I receive a call so I could let them know where

to deliver. Had he done so, as asked, he would have been told where he

could leave them. The driver was in too much of a rush to get back to the depot and go home!

I have written to Fedex complaining - what use it will do... who knows! They have upset 2 of my days.

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