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After numerous calls & the involvment of the British Consulate I had to pay 132 euros into a fedEx account in Athens ?????? then they payed 34 euros to Greek Customs & they keep the rest for handling & brokage charges,which after checking with fedex in UK & Germany,pretending to checking on extra charges by them,was told the only extra charge would be customs duty if appropriate,which both said would be unlikely due to it being personal medical.

So I suspect this was a SCAM by fedex employed personell in Greece. I would NEVER ENTERTAIN using these robbing bastards again & I tell everyone I now that might be thinking of importing from USA.

Original review posted by user Apr 07, 2013

I ordered 2 cpap masks(84 dollars)from a US company & payed the company at their recommendation 66 dollars for FedEx to deliver them to Crete Greece.on arrival at Athens I received a quotation from FedEx for 132 euros for brokerage & handling,I immediately called these people clarified they were FedEx as it said on noted head paper on the E mail.& asked why I must pay this as these are 2 plastic masks for my own personal disability & I need them urgently.I was told well pay up & they will be forwarded on.I told them that i can not afford this 131 euros & more or less got told to get stuffed then.

I then phoned UK Fedex & German Fedex pretending to inquire if I had these masks delivered to my home in UK or Germany would I be required to pay any fees,like the fees Athens Fedex want of me,They BOTH stated the only thing that might be payable would be import duty,as the handling charge ETC is covered by the initial 66 dollars to get it there (which has already been payed from me to my supplier & by him to Fedex.

So is this the typical scam by the Greeks that we call Fakelaki Or incompetence by the Fedex staff in Athens

Monetary Loss: $157.

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