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I was eager to get a dressed I recently purchased for a wedding. I was tracking my package all week and was excited to see it was arriving on 7/22. I signed up for email notification since the package had to be signed for and listen closely to the door that day. Around 10 on 7/22 I re-looked up the tracking information for my package and see that they supposedly tried to deliver the packaged at 8:58 but no one was home -- This was false because I was home and made sure to pay extra attention to listen for the door. I was very confused and now upset because the estimated deliver date was now pushed back to 7/23. I knew I would not be available that date to sit by the door and I then seen that I could customize my delivery to be dropped at a local fedex store -which I arranged for. Around 2:30 I got a notification the delivery was made.Thinking it was at the local fed-ex store I waited about an hour and headed to store to only find out it was not delivered there. The store advised me to call the 1800 number which I did when I returned home. I was then told it was delivered to my address - which it was not. I told the customer service rep this and proceed to re-check both the front door and side door of my house. In addition, I also checked the neighbors doors thinking maybe it was accidentally delivered there. I remember that someone had to sign for this package and brought this to the attention of the customer service rep. I was told I would be called back by the trace department in about 2 hours which I was. They only thing they wanted was details of what the house looked like and to once again confirm I did not received this package.

I still am dress-less and very pissed. It's been over 24 hours now and the only feedback I have gotten is that the delivery guy is looking for it and I should receive further feedback on 7/24.

UPS all the way!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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