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First, I read on their website that you could see estimated delivery windows if you sign up for their FedEx Shipment Manager. I was expecting an extremely important package that required signature so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. So, I attempted to sign up for this Shipment Manager on their website. I entered in my name, current address, phone number, etc. and then the form said in order for me to verify my account, I can either have a code mailed to me (which it said could take 30 days) or answer a few questions about my identity. Since the whole point was to manage my current expected package (expected to deliver the next day) I couldn't wait 30 days, so chose the latter verification option.

There were four questions presented to me, each having four multiple choice answers. They were questions like "In which of these counties have you lived?" and "What month was so and so born?" and "What is your professional license in?" Absolutely NONE of the questions and answers were relevant to me. I couldn't answer any of them because they were all incorrect. So I tried to refresh the page. Still wrong. Refresh. Still wrong. Refresh. I've exceeded the allowed amount of attempts! I'm locked out!

I get in touch with a FedEx customer representative over their online chat service and they said they were unable to assist me but would transfer me over to the tech support who should be able to. They tell me to wait in the window, so I do. Several minutes later, they disconnect the chat! Haha!

I call FedEx and finally get in touch with a tech support guy. They said they've gotten locked out many times too and that there's nothing they could do for me, I'd have to wait for the 30 days snail mail code. Are you serious?! Fix your damn system! There should be another way to verify your address.

Anyway, I gave up on that Shipment Manager. Tech guy said there was no way to see a delivery window for it anyway due to it being signature-required.. ? I know my UPS guy usually comes around 1 or 2 pm, why is it so hard for FedEx to say between 10 and 6 or something!

NOW Today was the day my delivery was expected! I had work off and waited around all morning. I made sure to have no noise like music or fans running and stayed in my room which is like 10 feet away from the front door, so I can hear any knock at the door. Several times I tried to put the tracking number in FedEx's website but I kept getting blank white page errors and finally "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Some of our online services are temporarily unavailable. We are working quickly to resolve the issue and regret any inconvenience." SWEET

Around 1pm I hear a familiar shipping gun beep and look out my window to see a USPS vehicle parked outside. I thought, maybe FedEx handed it off to them, so I rushed to the front door. That's when I see the dratted sticky note on my door and my heart sank and raced at the same time, I ran outside looking for any signs of FedEx but there wasn't any. I saw the USPS delivery guy and asked him if he just left this note just in case, but NOPE.

So, the FedEx deliverer didn't bother to knock! I'm furious, to say the least. What's more is, he/she didn't even bother to fill out the door tag they left! It's completely blank!

Next, I call FedEx hoping that I would be able to pick up the damn package myself at their facility but the representative said "the delivery driver usually doesn't return until very late so, no, it is impossible. You have to wait until tomorrow between 10am and 4:30pm."

Tomorrow is saturday and I originally had plans to take the contents of that very package to a store that's only open until 4pm and closed on sundays, and I'm unable to make it to their weekday business hours due to work, not to mention I also do freelance work on weekends, so this whole mishap has screwed up my planned schedule. Guess I have to literally sit outside on my porch tomorrow all morning/afternoon to catch this motherf*cker.

I know nobody cares/FedEx definitely doesn't care, but wow, typing all that out was pretty relieving. Apparently their drivers not bothering to knock and just slapping notes and then bolting is very common. I appreciate UPS so much more now!

TLDR; FedEx's website/system is hecked and they won't bother to fix it. FedEx delivery driver attempted delivery for signature-required package without knocking or filling out door tag. Ruined my weekend plans. UPS > FedEx

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Require and teach delivery drivers how to knock for signature-required packages. Just a really brief, really hard knock!.

I didn't like: Unprofessional service, Way they handle shipping, Way their account verification works.

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