I work for a company that uses both and a few more companies. Fedex has been on my worst companies ever.

Their service is worse and deliveries are not flexible-With UPS I had them come back twice and they at least try to deliver at different times of the day if you're not home. UPS tries to work with customer. With Fedex, you can talk from a rep to the director; and they all seem to have a negative attitude and bored to death with their job. I hate Fedex with a passion and I have no single experience I can call better.

Their website doesn't have clear information like UPS does. Fedex's everything is B.S from the people to the trucks.

I hope they go bankrupt and jobless then one day they'll appreciate these.

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I hate, hate, hate FedEx. I won a $700.00 claim against them and the only reason they settled was because I pretty much confronted them and told them to go ahead and deny the claim because I didn't care about their arbitrary deadlines.

What THEY had to worry about was the California statute of limitations. They settled, and quick - I actually caught them in a host of lies that I could actually prove. They obviously didn't want to look *** in court - which they would have. UPS every time, as well as USPS.

Fed Ex?? - NEVER

Almirante Tamandare, Parana, Brazil #46888

i agree 200% ;)


I agree, completely right

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