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I called FedEx for a pickup for Thursday April 8...I called Wed because I was sending my US Fed Tax Forms. I wanted to make sure the pick up would be early enough to make the plane to Paris so it would be sure to arrive in Ohio Friday...they sent out a "sub contractor" who had no scanning device so would take all the picked up stuff to the loading area in Oude Meer just outside of Amsterdam, where I was sending it from...

Well bottom line is they lost my Taxes and have not the slightest idea where the packet is. The worst thing is you get NO information... I will NEVER use Fedex again. I have never been really happy with them, but this time its beyond repair.

Oh by the way, you thought they scanned every package along the way....WRONG...they throw hundreds of non-scanned mail in a container and they scan the container...if yours did not reach the container, they have NO idea where it is...

A unbelievable BAD company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

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In order to schedule a pick up, you have to have an account. Lost packages do happen, and its unfortunate.

But, if you want to make sure its scanned when it leaves your hands, you can get off ur butt and take it to a drop off location. Stop being so *** lazy.

to ***sumer Augusta, Maine, United States #614836

Talk about poor customer service! Your comment was rude and uncalled for.

There are a number of people who are unable to drive for a number of reasons. Someone should report YOU for your lack of compassion!

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