You lack knowledge of what causes delays in the FedEx system. Just because the winter storms are not in your area doesn't mean that the storms are not causing delays along the way.

You need to get a broader scope of the nationwide infrastructure. Think of FedEx as not only a freight airline, but also as a passenger airline.

Flights get delayed because of current weather conditions and forecasted weather conditions. Take a look at how many passenger planes were delayed or cancelled because of the severe weather across the northern part of the U.S.

Do you drive your car in sub-zero weather the same way you do when the temperature is in the 80's? Safety is a concern to all airlines, both freight and passenger, so just think about the overall picture when you complain that your Mickey Mouse paint by numbers book didn't arrived in two days during a blizzard.

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Jewett, Ohio, United States #955360

when a package is delayed for days due to ''bad weather''......and there is no bad weather.....AND the package is less than an hour away....people are gonna get pissed....fedex sucks plain and simple. soooo im not sure how weather in another state is gonna affect delivery in another that is having spring-like weather.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #953370

Poor Fedex and all those *** customers they have to put up with.

How a *** outfit like Fedex stays in business is a mystery.

Dallas, Texas, United States #949734

They do not lack knowledge,They do not care about the safety of others.They are a Piece of ***.That's it, That's all they are.

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #949512

The main problem is how fed ex handles these situations. I don't know about a Mickey Mouse activity book, but I was waiting for my wedding dress, which the delivery person marked my package as deliveried, and even signed for the package himself as me.

He never did deliver my dress and since he marked it delivered, I am still fighting for my refund, since I have already gone out and bought something off the rack and by the time fed ex finds my dress, I'll be on my honeymoon (assuming someone there takes responsibility). Fed ex has failed to even do what they said they will do on more than one occasion. Like having the supervisor call me once he was off the phone, which he didn't. Or faxing me the disput form so I can write down the same info you have in the system about losing my dress which they never sent.

Fed ex pretty much told me, they do t know what to tell since their driver marked the package as delivered, I was pretty much told I'm s.o.l. So if the wether did have anything to do with this, I think the, Communication, following proper delivery procedures, and following through on following up needs to be addressed and fed ex needs to completely re-train the entire company! I would never trust fed ex with shipping my goods! And I will never buy online from a company that uses fed ex to ship.

Unless it's ups, I'm not doing it! Even usps is better than fedx at this point! So instead of wasting time downplaying the errors of the company you work for, why don't you pick out a complaint and try to resolve it.

All that time u spent on here, you could've been trying to track down my lost wedding dress! On here talking bout Mickey Mouse books probably on the job now just doing any and everything besides making sure you have done everything possible to get packages delivered correctly in a timely manner!


My complaint isn't just about a two day delay or and winter weather delay. They need to let their customers know their situation with weather delays. Instead of guranteeing there deliverys.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #949331

Well why is Ups still delivering....*** FedEx!!! I'm pissed I needed my order....

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