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Only in dire necessity did I go to the fedex kinkos branch on 6th avenue and 20th street in manhattan. Now that the two efficient and friendly ones are closed in the vicinity, I had to face them....

After 25 minutes of waiting in line (behind two people), while two people busily shuffeling boxes in the back absolute unaware of the crowd waiting in front of their desk, it finally was my turn. I needed their input on the best way to ship 160 pounds of product over night to miami southbeach, and I just wanted to get the boxes and the quote to get started packing. but I was told that I had not sufficient information, because fedex is not looking up zip codes and without a zip code I can not get a quote nor can they help me with which boxes would be more cost efficient, especially because there is a long line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and despite the long line the clerk went back to shuffeling boxes and ignoring me and the rest behind me

I can't believe that Fedex did not do a decent branch check as this would certainly be the first branch to go!!!

this was only one of my many bad incounters with them.

I now will not ship with fedex but just take it on the plain with me.

way to keep your customers, Fedex!!!

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you can always get a rate with 1-800-gofedex. the fedex office i use can give rates through the fpos.

they are able to look up zip codes from the internet. the guy you got was just lazy. but packages do have a weight limit of 150 lbs for any fedex office location to be shipped. if over that limit, you would have to use freight.

and customers should be top priority over moving boxes!next time, get the managers name and call and complain. managers hate that

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