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Placed a return shipment from NY to CA using our Fedex account number.

Last week 3 agents told me if needed I could expedite the shipment using my account number.

Called up yesterday and requested the expedite process and they confirmed it will reach by next day morning 10:30AM.

Well 9:30 AM and the package is still in TN. When called one lady said "We cannot track packages to such extent". WHAT A JOKE? WHY PROVIDE TRACKING NUMBERS AND EXPENSIVE FEES WHEN YOU CANT TRACK THEM?

Another guy said he has no details and will ask the manager to call back in 2 hours. Well no use with that.

3 hours another lady tells me she has no clue about it and transfers me to CA office who have no clue about it as well.

Then another guy in Mexico picks the call and transfers to fellow associate who says he can transfer call to the VP but he is not of any use. His manager comes on the call and tells I CANNOT EXPEDITE THE PACKAGE SINCE I AM NOT THE SHIPPER.


Bunch of money sucking useless liars working to just kill time and totally incompetent and useless guys.

Better go with USPS which is government run organization and helps some folks from losing their jobs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Account.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #821360

UPS can't give you any more detailed information regarding tracking than Fedex. If it says it's in TN that is about all they can tell you.

UPS doesn't pick up the phone and call the distribution center to see why a particular package is stopped. I know, I dealt with UPS on stuff like this on an almost daily basis.

Not saying don't switch to UPS, just trying to set expectations. Also neither UPS nor Fedex can expedite a package once it is in-route.

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