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Did I see this right? As of now 1395 complaints?

Could the alternatives be worse than Fedex? Tie maybe but not worse. I am amazed at Fedex's arrogance and lack of flexibility. Not flexible when you check into them as I just did.

If a shipment requires your signature at your address, it means just that. Work daytime like most of us? Well, you're *** out of luck. No options (like you think they should have) and I just got this verified when I called Fedex.

Apartment manager? No. Schedule delivery? No.

Hold at Fedex location? Well, yes, but I must wait until after three attempted deliveries even after I told them I work and not at home - then a 50 mile round trip to a central facility (no satellite offices) like I can get off work for that. And they say do this and do that at Fedex dot com, but then I can't register because they claim to know my previous addresses, phones, etc. better than I do.

No, they got the wrong information. Call Fedex? I just did that.

*** outfit. Looks like USPS, that is, the government (of all places) is actually better.

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***, if you needed the package that day, you should have sent it to your business address instead! Lol!

You work, our drivers work, USPS drivers and UPS driver works.

Day job.

Can you imagine if we wake you in the middle of the night delivering your package? Hah!

to Alex ***off #773582

Unlike Jerkoff some of us don't have a business address. Seems like the entire outfit is IQ deficient.

I have done well at the USPS so I do my business with them.

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