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The people's attitude in Gardena, CA Branch is very bad, I came to pickup my package this morning with the door tag, they could not find it at first, then the guy(who said his name is Mark) told me the system is slow, and let me wait and he continues to work on other clients in line, the worse is he still let me wait even he finished all the clients and there is no other clients in the office. I cannot stand it and ask him what happened with the package, then he told me the package is still on the road, it is NOT in the branch!!!!

WHY NOT TELL ME AT THE FIRST TIME!!!! WHY MAKE ME WAIT AND WASTE MY TIME!!!! He knows it, he pretended to work on the system and told me the system is slow, WHY THE SYSTEM IS GOOD TO OTHER CLIENTS????!!!! Because he does not like me???

The woman who is trying to look for my package even forgot me and asked Mark what I am doing here!!!! They all know my package is not in the office at the first time, but choose not to tell me!! WHY!!! They just like to tease certain type of customer???

I might be in a rush, but at least keeps the polite to them, I may not understand the door tag well, it is good to pickup after 6:30pm, Not in the next morning, because another attempt will be made, BUT!!!..this is the thing I am very angry, they should 100% know it well when see the door tag at the very first beginning!!!

But put me wait and wait....!!! What is wrong with those stuff in Gardena, CA????

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After checked the door tag, the date on it is wrong, that may be confusing and take the fedex guy some time to validate it, I apologize to say "you pretended to...", I just did not feel good to wait so long, anyway, since it is the shipper who made the mistake on the door tag, I call back my complaints here since the website does not allow me to remove post.

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