I use several companies for our LTL shipments. We are very pleased with the fast service that fedex freight gives us.

We use others also,but, we find fedex freight to be the most reliable. The drivers are professional and concerned if we have a problem, wich is very rare. I would have to give them the thumbs up!

On several occasions we have called in late and the truck came back to get our shipment! The customers we ship to are satisfied as well, as fedex will call ahead to check that someone is going to be at home on the residential deliveries.

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:zzz yay...go FedEx!

It is so refreshing to see that someone feels the need to leave a positive comment. It's so rare that we recognize the positive in anything. We spend so much time complaining about the things we can't change like shipping companies making mistakes, yeah it inconveniences you but is it really worth raising your stress level that much?

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