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Hi to all,

I sent a package over to Ghana Nov.05Th ,2009,and have found out

the package is lost.I had used FedEx all the time before,and never had a problem before.The last they have posted was the package MAYBE in Poyle,GB.

They do not know where it is!.They keep telling me the package is lost ,and now I am out alot of money.They only want to give $100.00 for the insurance! Well , as far as I am concerned they can look for this forever,because I will NOT settle for $100.00,and I WILL NEVER use Fed again!I will tell the companies I am connected with NEVER to use FedEx again either! They have just LOST alot of business!!!!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Yes i am also having the same problem with FedEx shipping company i will have to receive package on Thursday 4 of Feb but when i track the package it's on pending


me too the same ***.its been at poyle,gb for 3 days and im getting pissed off.if i dnt get ma stuff imma take their fuking *** to court!!!!!!!


I am very upset about Fedex because I ordered

an order and it was shipped Fedex. they brought it near my home 5 days ago, then put

it on smartpost they said, now it is back

near Washington, DC and no one answers until

Monday where I ordered the order, I was told

it would be here yesterday, then today, it has now been 10 days and it is further away.

How can this be called SMARTPOST. They advertise you will get your order in 2-8 days

has already been 10 and today I was told it

could be another 10 days or I could get it next week. Well, this service STINKS and I will never again use FEDEX. Beware, people

this takes longer than you could go get it

yourself where they leave it off at what they call SMARTPOST. They say it is cheaper,

do they give us cheaper rates well NO DUH.

If they do this to everyone and they all quit

using FEDEX, this will stop. I was told a

supervisor would call me back but they never did. I am very UPSET to say the least and

also my package was glass. How is this smart

to keep putting it on different services and

taking it further away. I have learned

my lesson, from now on if I order I will specify UPS or I will go to the store and

buy it myself. To begin with, they charge a

person way over the amount of the shipping

but they never refund any difference. Then

they take up to 20 days for delivery, what

is wrong with this picture????? It takes all

the fun away from ordering, doesn't it???

I had so looked forward to getting my order

now I am just angry about it. Just an apology

will not get them through this one. It is too

late, they got me mad now. Why would they send a package further away then it was. I

could have gotten to the place they had it

in two hours. Now it is around 5 hours away.


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