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I have had problems with FedEx for months now. I have called, complained and even talked to many managers and so far I have yet to have my problem solved.

My problem / complaint is the fact that FedEx has yet to deliver our packages properly. The first 2 times they delivered they left it on our neighbors porch and it was stolen both times. The time after that they left is at our other neighbors house. The next two packages were not stolen only because the neighbors got it before someone stole it.

The next two times after that the packages was delivered to our address but the deliverer didn't knock or anything. I personally know because I waited up and watched them as they stepped on our porch, dropped it off and walked away. Every time we had a problem I would call and complain about it but nothing was done. All of our packages but one were a value over $200.00 FedEx company has lost about $1,000.00 in merchandise.

All the packages were supplies I needed for college. They caused me late grades because I had to reorder my merchandise and waisted all that money and time having to reorder. Three days ago we order a package that was required to be signed for and proof of I.D. my boyfriend caught the guy outside and told him what house to go to.

The guy left the package at the door and left. My boyfriend who was heading off to work noticed that the neighbors were walking up to our porch as he was pulling out of the car. The delivery man was walking away as the neighbors were trying to steal our package. If not for my boyfriend the neighbors would have stop our package right out front of the FedEx delivery man all because he didn't do his job.

Today we had a package delivered and we literally pulled an all nighter just so we can catch the delivery man so no one would steal our package. My boyfriend has to be to work in less than three hours and he had to stay up all night just because we don't want our package stolen because someone won't do their job. I am complaining because no one will do anything about this. I am not the only one with this problem.

There needs to be something done about this. If you order a package that needs to be signed for with proof of I.D. and the delivery man doesn't even know on the door, something should happen. We would go through a different carrier but we can't.

Do you think it is right that I have to stay up all night because someone won't do their job? We lost sleep so now our jobs are in jeopardy because of lack of sleep and concentration or our package would be stolen all because someone won't do their job correctly, EVER! Of course there is a lot more just as the delivery man stating he left it on the wrong door step. Stating he did everything right when I eye witnessed myself him not doing what he stated on the FedEx tracking report.

I am making more complaints about this but here is only one place. Don't promise something that you can't do!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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