Funny how my electronic equipment was out on the local FedEx truck for delivery the last two days, but went right back to the warehouse in the evening. Apparently it was a "weather related" issue.

It is amazing how the newspaper deliverer, USPS, and UPS were able to deliver to our area. Now...they say it will be December 24th before they come again. We haven't even had any precipitation the last two days! What a crock!

I guess I will just have to drive to their *** warehouse and get the package myself. I will NEVER use FedEx for my personal shipping needs!

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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #767588

Same thing happened to me. Weather delay on a clear road, 45 degree Saturday.

Package was 5 days late so I called customer service. They managed to deliver my package today when we were in the middle of getting 7 inches of snow and the temps were in the teens.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #762376

I am having the same problem! Package was put on a truck less than an hour from my house and it couldn't be delivered in 2 days due to a weather delay (it rained).

I guess the poor driver might melt! Funny how other packages from FedEx got delivered.

I think it's laziness and delivering where they feel like driving. I'll order from companies that use other delivery methods from now on.

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