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Ordered a tablet online, i had to pay 13.00 for shipping, and not only was the item delivery date pushed back 2 days after it was in their hands, but they said they will not deliver to my door, they cant be bothered, they said thats why they hire the usps to deliver it.

So i continued to repeatedly check the status online, and at 4:45 it stated it was dropped off at the local post office, and would be delivered the next day, so that brings it to 3 days delayed total from original delivery promise date. So i ran out the door and hopped in my truck and drove to the local usps office, and the great lady behind the counter stayed late to help me get my tablet that day.

So sick of this sub-par package delivery company, we need to be able to request who our shipper is on sites more, from this date forward (5/28/14) IF YOUR BUSINESS USES FEDEX TO SHIP ITS PRODUCTS, DONT EXPECT TO GET MY BUSINESS......EVER!

Monetary Loss: $13.

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FedEx will probably have to close its doors if u never use them again.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #822404

Shippers regularly use this service because it is more cost efficient to them for shipping small packages. This is a service offered by Fedex, not a way for them to be lazy. If anything, it is the company that youbought your item through being cheap to ship it to you.

On another note, this is also another way of shipping items to customers who only have PO boxes as it would be illegal for any other courier service to place mail in a mail box that is strictly for USPS mail.

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