I had an expensive package I wanted delivered at a specific time frame to ensure I would be at home and not on a call with a client. Paid $10 for that two hour time frame.

Nope. They arrive four hours early. It's a good thing I'm working from home, but I'm also just about to join a conference call with an important client. So I have to rush out, run out to the front door of the apartment complex (we don't have an office that can hold packages), and the delivery guys think they've arrived at the correct time. It's not their fault, but the fact that the package got labeled with the wrong delivery time.

So what did I pay the $10 for??

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I have a package coming that needs to be signed for, the package is on the truck, you know they have a planned route yet they can only tell me that it will arrive by the end of the day leaving me stuck at home all day Fedex delivery manager sucks


So I don't care what time FedEx comes but I'd like to know when that will be. The tracking always says the date and "by the end of the day" The tracking page gives me the following option; Want to know when your package will arrive?

See your estimated delivery time with FedEx Delivery Manager. Sign up or Log in So I join. Doesn't provide a single damned bit of additional information.

The time on all deliveries is still designated as; "by the end of the day". Big waste of my time.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1115420

I ordered an expensive car part which I was suppose to receive on Saturday. I wasn't home so the driver took the package back to DuPont instead of calling me or even just leaving my package at the apartment office where they would have signed for it with no problem.

The people at the FedEx home are just as bad and they don't care if and when I will receive my package. Furthermore I have to wait until Tuesday to get my package because they're not open on Mondays.

I will never use FedEx ever again. They are awful.

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