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I placed an order 7/8/14. Today is 7/18/14.

I called Fedex Smartpost to find out why my package never came. I spoke to a woman who by the way barely spoke english. She told me that my package was received by Fedex and then transfered to USPS thats how my package got delayed and its still held in there facility. What!?!?

The rep said that Fedex works with USPS and they sent my package to them so that they can deliver my package. So I asked the rep " If I did not decide to call about my package would anyone have contacted me?" A straight answer would have sufficed but I think I confused the rep. I repeated my question and she said no. At this point I was tired of talking and asked if I could just pick it up at the facility it was being held.

The rep said that she didnt know what facility it was at but that it was in my local area. I would have had to dial an international number that would transfer me to a the facility that held my package. I told the rep that was too much, its like calling a cab and getting in the cab and driving myself.

Thats your job! ugh smh.

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Craig, Colorado, United States #843858

I ordered stuff from Amazon, something small, on July 14th and it was shipped by FedEx, delivery date supposed to be July 19th. Today is July 21st, still NO delivery, and checking Email tracking, it now says it is at the USPS for delivery.

That is BS. Now I have to wait for USPS to deliver. WHY don't the shipper just ship it USPS in the first place? I am going to request shipper stop using Fed Ex if FEd Ex is just going to send it to the Postal Service anyway, why not just mail it in the First place?

I am waiting on a disc for my computer, wanting to get it running.

But these delays, from Saturday to maybe "Tuesday" or Wednesday of the next week, is Bs. I am not happy with FedEx.

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