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Well, I have a package delivering by FEDEX, THE tracking number is 9102927008963048327381

The tracking result told me the package has been in Marengo IL on November 21 9:28 AM,Marengo IL is only 5 miles away from the destination,my living place, and the estimate delivery time to me was November 22,I kept waiting and waiting, but up to now,this moment, I still did not see any thing about that package, that package is my kid's birthday gift.

So, could you please tell me,what is happening to my package?Please?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Sounds complicated really now...

Ok, then aI did not know those detail about the delivering. Anyway, if it's not Fedex's fault, I should have not complained about it.Sorry Fedex.

Anyway,I did not get that package till to the previous day of my kid's birthday party, so I had no choice but to call Amazon to cancel that item. :eek :eek


Don't blame FedEx for USPS smart post. This pkg is now up to your local post office to deliver it to you.

FedEx did their part. Maybe you should complain @Pissed Consumer - USPS!

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