I love FEDEX (sarcasm). I had a package shipped from Oregon to Maryland. In one day the package moved from Portland, Oregon to Baltimore, Maryland, arriving there Friday. The package had an 'estimated' delivery date of the coming Tuesday.

Now I live maybe 10 miles from Baltimore, and we have FEDEX trucks driving though our neighborhood several times each day. So why, Tuesday morning, is the package STILL listed as 'at dest sort facility', exactly what it said last Friday?

I believe the sorting/distribution centers (and probably drivers) see the phrase 'estimated delivery' and decide for themselves that they don't HAVE to deliver the item until that date and act accordingly.

Really, really poor attitude for a company that makes it's living delivering packages.

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Are you retarded? "Estimated Delivery" is specifically for the consumer. Packages are scanned at each checkpoint, which is updated to the consumer website so you can track your package. All a driver does is deliver the packages that are loaded onto the truck.

There are thousands of employees that keep the company running in order for you to receive your package. All you see is the driver, so I suppose a simple minded person such as yourself would assume that the responsibility is pinned on that person.

Since you know how to do this persons job why don't you try it for a day? Oh yeah, you would not last a second. Why don't I come to your place of work and tell you how to do your job! ***......and no I do not work for this company

to wow #856162

^ exactly

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #175965

gee, let me get this straight. you are mad because they delivered on the day your shipper paid for? how horrible is that?

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