I ordered a computer from Dell and someone in a rented Penske truck that was untitled rang my doorbell.By the time I answered the door they were pulling away with my parcel.

I came to find out later that this was Fedex trying to deliver the item two days early and when I didn't make it to the door in time the driver entered into the FedEx system that I refused the shipment after one delivery attempt. Well, FedEx and even I hate to say it, UPS policy have a delivery policy of three attempts before a shipment is returned to the sender. When I contacted FedEx that said sorry but I needed to contact Dell to arrange for another delivery. I explained that I never met the driver so how did I refuse a shipment that I was told that I didnt need to sign for the shipment.

WTF.FedEx can in the words of Shawn & Gus, 'Suck It'


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