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Today, I was supposed to get my New "World of Warcraft" game for my mac. But the guy delivering the game had other ideas, instead of going into my apartment building and handing the package to me, the A-hole decides to put the "We missed you" sticker on the front door.

OF THE APARTMENT BUILDING! When I found out (around 3 O'clock) I called FedEx and they said they would deliver my game. Knowing them, i never heard from them and never received word about my world of warcraft game & expansion packs that cost $60.00 all in total.

And the worst offense by far was that i ordered next day shipping, on friday.

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Just because you don't approve of this consumer's hobby, and are probably a troll, "So Sad", your rudeness is ridiculous. Even if this consumer were waiting for 10 pounds of bullsh!t, much like the stuff coming out of your mouth, if he PAID for next day shipping, then he should well and good have had it the next day as he paid for.

I feel badly for you, I have also been the victim of an attempt to pull that *** of sticking a sticker on my door WITHOUT attempting to knock or ring the bell, and I live in a HOUSE. I have often heard them drive up, watch them tip toe to my door, and try to stick a failed delivery sticker on my door - I LOVE the look on their face when I wait until they are ALMOST back on the truck before yelling at them to come back with my package. I make an effort to drop the special pen used to sign on their machine at least 2 or 3 times, and ask a lot of questions, making their stop at least 20 minutes long to punish them for the attempted deceit. They KNOW better than to pull this *** with me now.

This is why I track my package as though my life depended on it, and if I see exception on the tracking info, and I've been home all day waiting, they get an irate call from me and deliver, no matter what they have to do.

When you have to sign for the package, it takes time, and the delivery men/women are usually behind, especially this time of year, and if they think finding you and getting your signature is going to put them further behind, they use their sticker to "prove" they tried to deliver it. I recommend that in the future, you track your package every hour on the day it is to be delivered, therefore you can call shenanigans while there is still time to deliver your package.


Word of Warcraft is for losers. Get this l0ser a hobby and a life stat.

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