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If you absolutely need something overnight, do not depend on Fed-Ex to always provide that service and when it doesn't arrive do not expect customer service to provide assistance. I am waiting on medication that was comming from Indianapolis to Tampa for Saturday delivery and it is now Sunday and it's not expected to be here until 3:00 PM on Monday.

A $100.00 clinic visit was able to get me through till Monday but I should not have had to go to a doctor if Fed-Ex had done their job and provided a service as advertised. When customer service was contacted, the rude and uncaring agent couldn't even get the package set up for Monday morning delivery.

This is not the first time Fed-Ex dropped the ball but it will be the last. We are moving all of our business over to UPS immediately.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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when did you realize you needed the medication - about a month ago - Its always the delivery peoples fault when jackasses like you wait till your medicine is gone and blame everyone but yourself for waiting til last minute to order *** you needed two weeks ago. Fedex doesnt need you :cry
to Johnny #665905

Don't you get it...yes, I left my meds at home...yes it was my fault. Then I hired Fed-Ex to solve the problem and they didn't come through.

When I hire a company to deliver and pay for that service I expect that service.

You don't agree??? Life doesn't need you!!!!

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #633951

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