Pismo Beach, California
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Had to get a document fron California to Utah in a hurry. They promised to deliver at 2.30 next day. First they gave me a quote of 260 dollars, then called again with a new price, 401 dollars. I agreed. A few hours later they called again and now the price was 260 again. I asked if this was final and that was confirmed.

They did not deliver the documents the day after, it took an extra day which was a disaster.

Then I got a letter stating that the failure to deliver in time was due to the airline and in no way was my fault. When I loked at my credit card statement I really got a surprise. Not only were they going to charge me for the failed service, they charged me 401 dollars although they promised that it would be 260.

When I called them it was suddenly my fault it was not delivered on time. Not really sure how they came to that conclusion. I still have the letter but they do not care.

Never again. From now on I will use UPS. It is amazing how bad they have handled this.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Grover Beach, California, United States #611683

Received a call this morning that Fedex would be delivering my computers today and would need a signature. It is now 8:00 PM and my mother in law has been waiting ALL DAY LONG and nothing!!!

I know UPS delivers late but I've never received a late package from Fedex. The government wants to do away with the post office.

The USPS blows Fedex away with consitency and reliability. I can't stand Fedex- nothing but a pain in my a _ _ every time!

Columbia Falls, Montana, United States #611331

$260-$400 for a next day letter? have you been spending too much time at harry's?

there is no way a letter should cost anywhere near that amount, not even close. a larger/heavier package maybe.

if that is the case, then the cost difference may be a matter of the size not being what was stated when you asked for a quote. ie a bigger box would cost more than a small box.

to Dark_Shaft Livonia, Michigan, United States #649374

never heard of a 2:30 delivery commitment either, gotta be more to the story...

Bay City, Michigan, United States #609959

sue in small claims court.

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