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For a company as large as they are it's impressive to witness firsthand what abysmal customer service they have. Was the intended recipient of a personal package that never arrived.

for a case that could have been so simply resolved i now have spent the last 2 months in a runaround with the claims department only to finally be told that I cannot view or challenge the outcome of the claim on the basis that I am only the recipient (no mind to the fact that it's MY money spent). they tell me only the shipper can do so. The customer service rep then had the audacity to tell me I cannot file a complaint with her supervisor because I "do not represent the business using their services to ship"!??? that will certainly be the truth of the matter henceforth for all my personal and corporate shipping.

done with a company that has little regard for its customers' satisfaction or its own integrity. hello UPS.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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