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I was expecting a package on 11/30/2017, I was waiting the whole day for the said item. I don't receive any call or whatever way to inform me that the driver attempted to deliver the said item that day , when I checked at the door (I'm staying at the 25th floor of the building), I found a door tag (DT781045794685) saying that I miss the delivery @15:10 pm (11/30/2017).

I just let it pass, and I leave a note on the door, how the driver can contact me when he will attempt the delivery the next day (e.g. personal contact number, buzzer number of my unit). The nextday (12/01/2017) I was at the unit the whole day, waiting for the delivery, my phone is with me the whole for me to see if the driver will call me when he's on the door. I assume that he will be there the same time (15:10pm)as the first day he attempted to deliver the item.

So I was at the lobby at around 2:45pm (12/01/2017) waiting for the delivery, after 15-20 mins waiting, nobody showed up, I dont even see a FedEx truck passing, so i check again the tracking number online, only to find out that I miss the delivery at 2:55pm (12/01/2017), How was that possible i will miss the delivery where in fact i was waiting there the whole time?

as a proof your driver did not come to the building, because there's no Door Tag for second attempt, that he was trying to deliver that item???If i did not call the customer service you driver will not deliver my item back the same day?My point is...what if that certain Item is so important that i need to have that on that specific date/day?will you pay for the damage that might result on that?I was so upset that you guys have the worst customer service base on my experience with the other courier. youre driver did not come to the building and he just leave a comment on the tracking online the i miss the delivery because theres nobody in the unit???You guys should hire a hard working driver, coz you wasted so much of my time because of your LAZY driver.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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On 11/9/2017 I was waiting at home for FedEx to deliver a package I needed to sign, there is 3 cars outside in my driveway so you know someone is home. I am sitting in my dining room the front door is just about 20 steps away it's time for it to be delivered I am waiting and waiting and nothing my dog barks when someone comes and knocks on the door I never heard a thing or my dog bark.

So I go get my phone and track it, it was attempted delivery just 8 mins before I checked, I am pissed he didn't knock or ring the doorbell.

I call FedEx and complain, my only option is pick it up after 5pm but before 6 pm that day or get it delivered again tomorrow and because this fedex guy can't knock or ring a doorbell I pick it up, make it there at 5:59 because FedEx doesn't know how to show people where their door is, I had to drive around and find it for 5 mins that is how hard it is to find it was raining and very dark they had 1 light at the door. I will try and avoid FedEx and stick with UPS, or USPS for now on.

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