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Over the past 2 years, while trying to build my own small business, I have relied heavily on Kinkos/fedEx team to help me with business cards, stickers, paperwork, etc. Over the past 2 years, after visiting the Fort Union/Midvale, Utah location at least every other week, if not every week, I have honestly only left the store satisfied with the transactions a handful of times.

Every time I go in there there have always been at least 4 or 5 employees working. Of those, usually 2 or 3 of them are just standing around laughing and talking amongst themselves. Every time I walk into the store, the employees are always rude, and snippy with me, And act as if they don't want my business, or I'm a bother to them. I am always very nice in my requests, and typically very understanding and patient, my documents are easily accessible, and ready to go the moment I bring them into the store. My requests draw eye rolls from the employees, and their attitudes always stink. Yesterday was the last straw.

I brought in a file of 2 pages that I needed printed in color. After relaying this to the customer support representative, she took 10 minutes explaining to me why she could not print the item (2 PAGES), and that I would have to come back tomorrow to pick them up. I understand previous orders, and priorities, and task management. But in the time it took her to explain this, she could have printed the 2 pages, I could have paid, and she would be helping the next customer in line. Instead she told me to use the self service computers and print on my own. Reluctantly, I agreed to print them on my own.

After several failed attempts trying to print the 2 pages (because no one would come and help me) and a pile of wasted paper, time and money, the printer was out of magenta! I took the papers to her and told her that their magenta was out, and that in order for me to be able to print these in accurate colors, it would need to be switched. She looked at me with absolute disgust in her eyes, as if I had told her something absolutely insulting, and rolled her eyes at me, telling me that they were just too busy to do that right now, and if I wanted to come back tomorrow, it should be fixed.

I went back to the computer fuming, smoke coming out of my ears. I conceded to end the print session, and get out of the store before I lost my patience on her. Not only did I end up paying the fees associated with using the self print computer and printers, and paid of the papers that were printed out of wrong drawer feeds, on wrong paper, and discolored print jobs, I left with absolutely nothing to fill my order for my client who was patiently waiting. Spent unnecessary money at kinkos, and lost my sale.

100% unacceptable.

I have never EVER had customer support like this, at ANY establishment. I have felt a number of different emotions visiting this store over the years: Anger, embarrassment, sadness, disappointment, insulted, etc.

I WILL NOT take my business to this store, or any other Kinkos/FedEx brand for that matter. I cannot believe the level of customer support, friendliness, and helpfulness I have received doing business with this company. Not only have they lost my business, but I will explain to every person I come in contact with to take their business elsewhere. I also work for a National Online Advertising company for Dentists and Chiropractors. They also will not be taking their business to this company anymore. I will continue my fight to keep customers out of this store until things change. Consumers deserve respect, patience, and understanding, just as they request that from us. Its their job to make sure that we, as consumers, are happy with their services, and I have been everything but.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

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They just want your money and don't care if you come back. You're not "big" enough for them.

Since they started focusing on large accounts as main sources of revenue (as opposed to volume) all other customers have lost out.

They usually outsource their raised ink business cards, which are probably offered all over town for cheaper. As for color copies?

Again, all over town for cheaper. And faster.


Sorry, to hear of the horrible service you recieved. There was no reason that your two pages couldnt be printed while you waited.

The computer charges and print charges should have been refunded. The district manager will get you all fixed up.

Not all locations are like this. Hope that you get to an agreeable resolution.


Please send me your email or phone number. I will contact you immediately regarding your concerns.

Dale Elison FedEx Office District Manager Utah.

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