I'm not going to repeat all the problems mentioned in all the other reviews. Yes, 95% od deliveries are AT LEAST 5 days late, up to a month.

And, on the rare occasion they do actually deliver on-time, they deliver tothe wrong address, usually several blocks away.

My solution is to no longer order from any company that cannot offer me an alternate delivery service. I then notify the company's corporate office that I will be placing all my orders with one of their competitors who will ship via a reliable company. For example, I order online constantly from Home Depot, however they will not allow me to request an alternate delivery company. Even their phone reps said the majority of their calls related to FedEx problems.

When I emailed their corporate HQ, I received several emails trying to keep me as a customer. The person also sent a few emails begging to talk to me on the phone about it, which I refused since she had made it clear via email that there was no alternative they could offer me. I have done the same with several other companies I used to order a lot from. Of course, I have also asked everyone I know to do the same.

FedEx isn't going to change. But, if enough pressure can be put on the companies that ship via them, then maybe more companies will stop using them, as Amazon did due to all their delivery problems.

Trying to complain to FedEx or put pressure on them will get you nowhere, as they simply don't care. But, the corporate HQ's of the major retailers do take notice, especially the more they hear from customers they are losing.

Just my approach and 2-cents.

User's recommendation: Avoid at all costs.

Location: Redwood City, California

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