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I ordered two shirts, paid for 2-day delivery, and expected to receive my garments before going on a month-long trip. Instead of leaving my package in the usual place, the FedEx driver left a message saying I had to go to another city to pick up the package.

I’m busy-out-of-my-mind preparing for my trip and I’ve paid extra for 2-day delivery, so I don’t want the extreme inconvenience of having to go to another city to pick up my package. A signature was not required; the garments were not expensive--just needed promptly. I telephoned FedEx’s Customer Service on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, about 7 p.m. I connected with a woman, who spoke in a flat monotone.

I explained that I was annoyed that my package was sent to a pickup station when I paid extra for 2-day delivery. I said that I needed the garments before leaving on a trip, otherwise they were useless to me. I added I can’t stay home from work to receive the package, and I didn’t know whether my neighbor could be at home to receive it. This charming, lovely customer service representative replied, “OK, I’ll return the package to the sender.” What?

I said, “Well thanks a lot, I paid extra for speedy delivery, and now I’ll have to do some frantic shopping while I’m traveling.” This sweet, delightful woman said, “OK.” After I hung up, I felt so annoyed I wanted to write a letter of complaint. I called back to find out the woman’s name. I reached a man, who wouldn’t give me this angelic woman’s name. But at least the guy wasn’t a psychopath who enjoys tormenting people.

I told him I had joined FedEx’s customer membership service, filled out a form and stated where I wanted packages left when I’m not at home. I asked whether I have to re-state this preference every time I receive a package. He replied that my request should be regularly followed.

Because this man canceled the return-to-sender order and properly routed my package, I did receive my garments in time for my trip. But I felt annoyed that I was not allowed to write a letter of complaint, so I’ve written this review.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like my complaint to be in the customer service representative's employment file..

I liked: 2nd contact better than first.

I didn't like: 1st contact enjoys tormenting people.

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