Need to send some products International Priority from China for the holiday season. Unlike UPS, Fed-Ex breaks their international shipments up. With that my first 20 boxes were stuck in China due to a issue with the plane. The next shipment that left two days later from Hong Kong actually was broken apart with half heading to Anchorage and half heading to Memphis. Keep in mind the first shipment still has not left China yet and is three days behind. So much for international priority. I kept checking the tracking info and it updates at 10:30am each day. At 10:29 it would say in transit and then would flip in one minute to unknown. I called Fed-Ex over 40 times in a week timeframe and they could not even find the first shipment. The second shipment arrived in multiple boxes over the next two days with five or six different trucks delivering during the day. The first shipment arrived on the 23 of December. It took over a 1 1/2 weeks to get here.

Now Fed-Ex is claiming I owe them twice as much for customs duty as UPS would charge and that is because they broke the shipment up into multiple boxes instead of keeping them on pallets.

I requested a credit for the shipping being that a plane breakdown is not my fault. Fed-Ex said the issue was holiday shipping and the overload of product. Ummm Christmas comes every year at the same time you think you could plan for it. I don't know retailers do.

I will not use Fed-Ex again they are terrible. I did use this to get better rates with UPS so at least not all was lost :)

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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