Hi, I went to the Kinkos at Castro and Market st in San Francisco today Jan 14th around 10:45pm. I was done with my printing by 11:00pm and a black young lade associate said "You got to go because I am leaving" .

I was just done with my printing and was getting ready to leave and she had the nerve to say that to me. I left and I am officially NEVER coming back! Why? because this is not the first time that I go there and have a bad experience.

I have been there several times and the the associates don't know how to open a pdf file. The guy told me to stop sending files over email and ask him to print them for me because there automatic machines where I can do that myself. So RUDE! I actually had a reason for that, needed to print in resume paper and these machines don't have that paper!.

It's just been bad experiences over and over none stop. I am OVER it!

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Interesting. How would you feel if you knew you weren't getting paid to work past your scheduled hours, had put in a 8-10 hour day, and had someone come in fifteen minutes before you had to close.

At night?

And before you say "If you dont' like the hours, don't work there", perhaps the lady had no choice. Get over yourself.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #595165

went to my local Chicago Kinko's and was robbed the pricing is unreal to ship a small action figure box was almost 13.00 so i went to the post office , and paid only 3.11 big difference,,,i will never go back to them ever, im sticking with my local ma, and pa copy center..and dont get me started on the copies , *** no

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