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I'm so upset with this company. A driver came to my house to drop off a package and never came to my door.

He left a message on my garage door saying he sorry he missed me. I was home the whole time.. Why didn't he just come to the front door like most normal people... They need to teach these *** drives how to drop off something right.

Its not that hard to walk a around and ring the door bell. So now im having to wait at my house for 2 days so i don't miss him again,that puts me behind in all my other things i need to get done. Then i called into the Fedex main office and waited on hold for more then 30min, just so someone can tell me there's nothing they can do.

I will never ever send or tell someone else to use this company again!! Ups all the way..

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have to agree with you that's totally un called for. FedEx NEEDS a wake up call.

Oh and from what I've been told by people that WORK for FedEx the drivers all have phones and are in constant contact with dispatch. FedEx could easily call a driver and inform them that they need to actually deliver things.

Do they? Nope, they sit on there and pretend there's nothing they can do.

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