Kane, Pennsylvania
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Well to start I live in north PA. I ordered new struts for my vehicle on 3/19/16.

On 3/21/16 fedex picked up my package and began to ship them towards my house, starting in new jersey, and making it to PA on 3/22/16. Then on 3/23/16 the day they are supposed to be delivered the order status is changed to "in transit" so I wait around. The end of the day comes and no struts. I check the order again and it still says "in transit" with a scheduled delivery of 3/23/16....

but for some reason they check in at jacksonville fl. Couple hours go by and it still says in transit and delivery date changed to 3/24/16 and says "by end of day". Today is 3/25/16 and still no struts on my porch this morning. I checked the order and the only made it to North Carolina after a whole day and there is no expected delivery date now.

I would think that if i owned a company that large I would have a I screwed up policy. If I screwed up they would have been put on the fast shipping and not still on the standard. Try and contact them about it and you dont get anywhere with it. Basically s.o.l.

over it and my days off taken to get the work done are a waste... awesome and thanks fedex.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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