You located your European hub in Paris. That alone should get someone fired.

Everyone who deals with Europeans knows the place virtually shuts down for summer holiday.

Yet your management does not plan for this.

Nor for the backlog of shipments that will come to you when all your customers get back to work.

As a result my pallet has been bumped not once but at least twice at last count (going from Denmark to Canada).

And all of your minions (no offense, but it they can't take names, kick butt and make something happen they are a minion, like me), your minions all KNOW of the problems in Paris and freely admit the problems, to customers! This tells me your minions are frustrated management doesn't fix this problem! (Hello!? Anyone there? Is this thing on? Do your executives actually get paid to ignore problems?)

So YOUR management knows there is a problem in Paris but refuses to do anything about it.

I'm curious; can you recommend a freight carrier which actually knows how to ship expedited freight in an expedited manner from Europe to North America? Because your company doesn't know how to do it.

And to think I just within the last month raised *** with my Danish company to return to FedEx because the carrier to whom they had switched wasn't performing. Guess the joke's on me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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