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7:23 PM, July 22, 2014-Judson Road Exit (IH35 northbound) in San Antonio, Texas: The Fed Ex driver had a yield sign. I had the right of way; I was coming off the high way onto the frontage road.

He looked at me directly and failed to yield. I honked my car horn and yielded because he refused to give me the right of way (which I had.) Had I not yielded to him, we would have collided and it would have been HIS fault. I tried to take a picture of his Fed Ex van, but he then slowed down to allow another car to get between our cars. He knew he was guilty and that I was trying to get a picture of the license plate.

I am angered because he purposely did not yield. Had our vehicles hit, I would have (a) taken lots of pics, (2) taken this to the news media and (c) sued the pants off of the company.

This driver needs to have a consequence because chances are: if he's done it to me (deliberately), then he's done it to others and will continue to drive this way until he has an accident! Shame on Fed Ex for allowing these types of selfish, careless dangerous drivers on the road!!

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