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This morning at about 10:30 am, the same driver I have filed multiple complaints about, speeds through this neighborhood as if those of us that live here are in HER way to deliver. IT STOPS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25, not 55.

When she see me now she's gasses it as screw you to me because I have asked her to slow down. again this happened at 10:30 am EST in Matthews North Carolina on Tynecastle and Fitzpatrick Lane in the neighborhood called The Heathers- the main roads are Phillips Road and Matthews Township PKWY (hwy 51).

We have a ton of kids that play in the cul-de-sacs and we do not have sidewalks. The license plate # of the truck is KZ-7171 it was a white fed-es truck w/ the cab over hang. ALAL of us here are DONE.

I am going to start calling the cops going forward. This is egregious and it needs to STPO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! it is ridiculous that I can't safely walk my dog because of your *** drivers .

her to slow down. speeds up and there

FedEx Cons: Your driveres are rude, Your drivers are rude arrogant and drive too fast.

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Gee I've never seen anyone be able to do 55 mph in a CUL-DA-SAC. Perhaps the local children shouldn't be playing IN THE ROAD.

As for your dog... you stay out of the road DA. Your dog depends on you to keep him/her safe. The road is for VEHICLES.

Not for people doing leisurely activities and play. Get a grip KAREN because you can't control everything and everyone.